Canada-China Arts & Cultural Exchange Association Statute




A: Association purpose:

*To establish an interactive platform for both Canadian and Chinese artists to display their works; 

*To promote mutual understanding and for academic exchanges, thus expanding the visibility and influence of artists in a foreign country so that the art lovers, collectors, from both countries can learn more about the artists and their works.

*To establish channels of communication for cultural scholars, related civil society organizations and government agencies.



B: The scope of arts and cultural exchanges:

Cultural scholars, including literature writers, histiorian, archaeology, journalists, teachers etc; Visual artists, including painters, calligraphers, photographers, sculptors etc; Music producers; Performing artists and so on.



C: How to exchange and promote:

*Organizing art exhibitions, auctions etc.for the artists in other countries;

*Organizing exchange activities for the artists on art topics between the two countries;

*Organizing senminars and conferences on cultural topics for cultureal scholars from both countries;

*Organizing exchange and ineractive activities for the civil society organizations and Government departments between two countries.



D: Nature of the association and it’s settings,

The association is a non-profit organization, which has a chief director and several associate directors. The term is unlimited. The association is consisted of a Council. The members of the council are composed by arts and culture celebrities, art lovers etc. The number of the council can be more or less according to the development of the association. The Secretary-General is responsible for the day-to-day work and the various exchange activities. The association also has art advisers.



E: The association is legally registered in Canada by law in accordance of relevant provisions of canada. The headquarter is in Toronto(GTA),Ontario of Canada. The liaison office in China should be set up. With the increase in exchanges,liaison offices should be set up in the main cities both in Canada and China.


六、机构资金来源: 活动参与者的经费,展卖活动收益及社会捐赠。

F: Funding of the association: Fees from activity participants, Income from the auctions, Social donations etc.


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