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Before we start,
know which paper is the best choice for you!

A rolled canvas print is a normal print.You will receive your artwork in the form of a roll and take care of the stretching and framing by yourself.


Canvas wrap is a method of stretching so that the canvas wraps around the sides of the stretcher bar or strainer bars and is secured to the back of the wooden frame.
In this case,  your art work is stetched over a stretcher bar - a
0.75" thick wooden frame, to which the canvas is stapled to. 



Same as the canvas wrap. 1.5" wooden frame will be a thicker options for your artwork. 






Fine art paper is usually made using 100% cotton rag content, is most often acid-free and therefore is suitable for archival purposes since it addresses the problem of preserving documents for long periods.
It qualifies as matte paper, thought it certainly has a texture, a look and tactile experience that is simply lacking in photo papers, which are constructed on a plastic base.


Your photos are printed on coated paper with a very smooth, shiny reflective lustre prints offer the best of both worlds the color saturation of glossy finish with the fingerprint resistance of matte.


Metallic Prints are used to print on our professional Metallic photo paper, which uses a proprietary combination of film laminate layers to produce striking, three-dimensional, lasting prints on an ultra-bright background.


Your artwork will be printed on a premium substrate that is completely removable and will not damage walls, this new peel and stick solution saves you both the time and money of ordinary wallpaper.
Simply peel and stick to create a gorgeous look on any smooth, flat surface. Easily design a glamorous living room feature wall or makeover your bedroom. 



Still cannot decide? Don't be shy! Ask us any questions here, we are happy to help :) 


For any digital images: 
Even your smart phones can give a good quality photo print for the size of 
Steady hand and proper light are very important. For larger print, a digital camera is recommended.

For any scanned images
If you have a physical photograph or piece of art, scan at 
300 dpi resolution for best results.
If you don't have a scanner or you are not quite sure,
feel free to contact us
 HERE we will do our best to help.




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