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Darlene Winfield
Darlene Winfield is an award winning Canadian artist whose work is held in several private and corporate collections in Canada,. China, Scotland and Netherlands. Her work has been showcased at various art galleries in Ontario as well as at numerous juries shows including the Artist Project and the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair. In January 2017, Rogers Cable TV, York Region, featured Darlene and her work in the segment Colour and Vision: Portraits in Art.

Darlene’s art focuses on landscape. Her style is representational and semi abstract. It is created with the use of brush and palette knife. The painting is completed in layers with very dramatic and often powerful strokes. She explores relationships within the painting. The atmosphere of the painting is what gives it life to her.

Darlene has always had a passion for art since she was a child. The history and longevity of oil painting has been important to her. Her first love was European art of the Great Masters with John Singer Sargent, Edouard Manet and Jan Vermeer as her most admired. Darlene’s extensive travels, which included an art history tour of Greece and Italy, allowed her to visit some of the most important galleries and museums around the world and immerse herself in other culture’s arts. She has taken courses with several well known artists and The Haliburton School of Art, Ryerson College and Humber College, but considers herself mostly self taught through her art books.

Darlene resided in Mexico and Indonesia for many years and spent extended periods of time in Europe. Upon returning to Canada and with the opportunity to oil paint, Darlene began to rediscover her passion to paint.

While living in Indonesia, Darlene volunteered with the United Nations. While in Mexico she worked in advertising and film. The experience of living and travelling abroad has brought Darlene to a profound understanding of the world and our place in it. The chance to experience other cultures and their arts is invaluable to today’s paintings.

Art to Darlene is a way to communicate without words, a universal language she enjoys.

Darlene Winfield

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